Origin Story

Time’s Pencil is a revision and expansion of two exhibitions, Time’s Pencil: Shakespeare After the Folio and Beyond the First Folio, that were created to complement the First Folio! The Book that Gave Us Shakespeare, on tour from the Folger Shakespeare Library  exhibition, which the University of Oregon hosted in January 2016.

Time’s Pencil  and Beyond the First Folio  showcased the richness of the University of Oregon Libraries' rare Shakespeare-related holdings. They told the same story as this website: a story of how Shakespeare’s global rise and influence depended on and led to successive waves of rewritings and alteration of his works.

How to Use Time's Pencil

We recommend starting by looking at the Shakespeare’s Folios page, reading the introduction and about Ben Jonson's Workes  and Shakespeare's First Folio. Browse Exhibits will give you a list of possible topics to explore, each with a group of example texts. Browse Items will take you straight to those texts. Click on images to see them in greater detail. The exhibits proceed in a roughly chronological sequence, but may be enjoyed in any order.

Time’s Pencil Team

Time’s Pencil content is created by Lara Bovilsky, Associate Professor of English at the University of Oregon.

The site is designed and built by Azle Malinao-Alvarez, Interactive Technology Consultant, Digital Scholarship Center, Knight Library, University of Oregon; Justin Brock, Doctoral Candidate and Graduate Employee, Department of English, University of Oregon; and Lara Bovilsky.

The University of Oregon Knight Library’s Digital Scholarship Center (DSC) has shepherded this project to fruition. Photographs of University of Oregon holdings are by the talented Randy Sullivan, Digital Production Manager at the DSC. Additional help has been provided by Julia Simic, Metadata and Digital Production Librarian; Danielle Mericle, Interim Manager Digital Scholarship Projects; and Sheila Rabun, Manager, Digital Scholarship Projects. The brilliant staff of the University of Oregon Special Collections and University Archives have also helped at every turn, under logistically challenging circumstances: thanks go especially to Bruce Tabb, Rare Books and Public Services Librarian, as well as Austin Munsell.


Time’s Pencil is enabled in part by grant funding from the Folger Institute at the Folger Shakespeare Library and the National Endowment for the Humanities' Division of Education Programs and by support from the University of Oregon’s Digital Scholarship Center and the University of Oregon English Department. We are most grateful for the unstinting enthusiasm of the Knight Library leadership and staff, particularly Dean Adriene Lim and Jason Stone.

Further Credits

The Time’s Pencil exhibition was on display in the University of Oregon’s Knight Library from January 6-March 28, 2016. It was curated by Lara Bovilsky, with vital assistance from Bruce Tabb. Cristian Boboia’s artistic contributions and help from Austin Munsell, Tatiana Bryant, and Marilyn Reaves in Special Collections and University Archives were much appreciated. The Beyond the Folio  exhibition was on display at the University of Oregon Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art from January 6-February 7. It was curated by Lara Bovilsky, with help from Jody Seasonwein, Senior Curator of Western Art at the JSMA, and from Georgianna Ziegler, Louis B. Thalheimer Associate Librarian and Head of Reference at the Folger Shakespeare Library.