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Lamb: Tales from Shakespeare [1923] (Title Page)
The Petershams depict toddler Miranda enjoying stylized waves and Prospero holding her carefully (click twice for maximum detail). Their dynamic design and color give life and feeling to an episode only described second-hand in the play.

Nesbit, The Children's Shakespeare (Introduction)
Nesbit’s introduction presents a rationale for prose adaptations in the guise of depicting her children’s reproachful bafflement by the difficulty of Shakespeare’s language.

White, Three Children and Shakespeare (Pages 2-3)
White emphasizes how the mother employs historical knowledge about theater in Shakespeare’s time to invite her children’s interest. Here she describes early modern practices of theatrical cross-dressing and bear-baiting.

Ravenscroft, Titus Andronicus, or The Rape of Lavinia (Preface)
Ravenscroft’s Preface reflects the precipitous drop in the popularity of Titus Andronicus, now seen as “a heap of Rubbish,” needing revision to be made acceptable.

Cibber, The Tragical History of King Richard III (Pages 12-15)
Page 12: The opening of the dialogue between Richard and Lady Anne in Cibber’s adaptation. Note the material is all either Shakespeare’s words (indicated by italics) or what Cibber calls “generally [Shakespeare’s] thoughts” rephrased by Cibber.

Shakespeare's Sonnets, The First Edition (Title Page)
This 1880 photolithographic facsimile reproduces Shakespeare’s Sonnets’ title page. No evidence exists tying Shakespeare directly to the publication of his sonnets. We don’t know whether he chose the order of the poems.

The Works of Mr. William Shakepear. Volume the Seventh. Containing, Venus & Adonis. Tarquin & Lucrece and his Miscellany Poems
Title Page
Though this volume of Shakespeare’s poetry was printed on its own, its title (“Volume the Seventh”) and layout were designed to invite the owner to add it to Rowe’s 6-volume edition of Shakespeare’s plays.

The volume reprinted…