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How to Use the Site


Content on Time's Pencil  is organized into "exhibits": each exhibit has a general introduction and several example pages, each with its own explanatory and interpretive content. Browse Exhibits gives you a list of possible topics to explore. Menus on the right-hand side of the page within an exhibit allow you click on the examples and read about them.

Within an Exhibit

Want to move efficiently from example to example within an exhibit? There is an arrow link at the very bottom of the page to keep you going.

Interested in the images?

If you are interested in seeing an image enlarged, click on it: you will see a larger version of the set of images for that example text. If you want more detail, click on your desired image again to enlarge further.

Where to start

We recommend starting by looking at the Shakespeare’s Folios page, reading the introduction and about Ben Jonson's Workes  and Shakespeare's First Folio. The exhibits are the heart of the website, and Browse Exhibits will give you a list of the topics, each with its group of example texts. The exhibits proceed in a roughly chronological sequence, but may be read in any order. Browse Items will take you straight to images, but does not offer interpretive text. Click on images to see them in greater detail.

We will be adding more content throughout the year.


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