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Lamb, Tales from Shakespeare [1923] (Midsummer Night's Dream)

An illustration for the Lamb’s telling of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Puck disrupts churning. Again the depicted vignette is not part of the play or story but merely referenced in it.

Lamb, Tales from Shakespeare [1923] (Cymbeline)

An illustration for the Lambs’ telling of Cymbeline. Iachimo sneaks out of the chest where he has concealed himself to spy on sleeping Imogen. The Petershams emphasize the textures and lineation of the room’s furnishings as well as Iachimo’s sly…

Lamb: Tales from Shakespeare [1923] (Title Page)
The Petershams depict toddler Miranda enjoying stylized waves and Prospero holding her carefully (click twice for maximum detail). Their dynamic design and color give life and feeling to an episode only described second-hand in the play.