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Garrick, Cymbeline: A Tragedy (Page 68-69)

Excerpt from Act 5, Scenes 5-6. The italics indicate that this material was not part of the performance. They produce a reading experience focused on performance as the purpose of the text even as the text includes additional materials – perhaps like…

Cibber, The Tragical History of King Richard III (Preface)

Preface: Cibber’s Preface discusses his method of distinguishing his work from Shakespeare’s, allowing us to see the mix of writers at a glance.
Page 1: The first act of Cibber’s adaptation concerns Henry VI – already murdered in Shakespeare’s…

Ravenscroft, Titus Andronicus, or The Rape of Lavinia (Pages 10-11, 34-35)

Page 10: Ravenscroft’s greater focus on Aaron the Moor reveals how compelling Shakespeare’s villain remained. Here, Tamora showily presents Aaron for Saturninus’s approval
Page 11: Aaron discusses the invisibility of his blushes. Later in the play,…

Ravenscroft, Titus Andronicus, or The Rape of Lavinia (Title and Cast)

Title Page
Cast of Characters: Ravenscroft’s play separates characters by national and ethnic affiliation.

Tate, The History of King Lear (Pages 66-67)

Pages 66-67: Tate’s Lear ends with Lear and Gloucester alive and reconciled to their children, and Edgar and Cordelia jointly placed on English throne by Lear.

Tate, The History of King Lear (Page 63)

Page 63: In Tate’s version, Lear turns action hero, seizing a weapon from the guards and successfully fighting them off until Edgar and Albany rescue him and Cordelia.

Tate, The History of King Lear (Page 4)

Page 4: Cordelia’s criticism of Lear’s demand to occupy sole place in his daughters’ hearts is understood by Lear in Tate’s version as deriving from her love for Edgar.

Dryden and Davenant, The Tempest, or the Enchanted Island (Pages 30-31)

Page 30: Dorinda and Hippolyto (played by a female actor) titillate and amuse the audience by their confusion as they discover sexual feeling, without knowing what it is, having been raised in isolation from society on the island.

Page 31:…